About Us


BRAND Statement

The 2 Bits Man grooming collection elevates men’s grooming while hearkening back to the days when men were men and beards were beards.  2 Bits Man offers a refined, striking look and a new take on a man’s daily grooming regime with the look and feel of days gone by.

The deliberate blending of scents creates a collection that will add style and sophistication to your everyday routine.  From the first stinging whiff to the long, strong finish that declares, “This is who I am.”  It is what other beard and shaving products should aspire to.

2 Bits Man is approachable in its style and smell and distinct in the grooming products field with its striking finish.  2 Bits embraces the modern man with classic spirit to rediscover what being a man is.

BRAND story

The guys behind 2 Bits hit the market just as men were reawakening to grooming and beard care.  Together they are pioneering the category with beard care, shaving products, and so much more to come. 

What do the three men behind 2 Bits have in common? 

The guys came together around the first bottles of 2 Bits when they were made bottle by bottle around the barber chair.  A little fate, beer, and burgers and here we are.  Two of the three have had the pleasure of sitting in “the chair”.  Brian is the barber inspiration behind the 2 Bits Man and, let’s just say, the magic starts in the chair.  Both Dan and Jon found themselves in the chair and first experienced the stinging splash of aftershave and that wave of smell.  Fast forward to today and men across the globe are answering the question; What kind of man are you? From the fresh cut pine of the woodsman to the exotic blood orange of the Journey Man, get ready to answer the call of the 2 Bits Man.

Some call them fragrance notes…we call them smell!

The rugged and refined scents behind each product will take you back to a time and place where you remember being a man most.  Maybe it was your first walk in the woods or the freshness of spearmint; each profile is crafted to define your style and give your beard swagger.  2 Bits products are the perfect addition to your daily grooming routine.