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Beard Wash

Why do you need shampoo for your beard? Because most shampoos cause more harm than good. Our moisturizing beard wash was formulated to be gentle on your beard in a way that otters shampoos are not. Our paraben and sulfate-free formula won't strip the natural oils in your beard that keep it soft, shiny, and healthy.

We also use zero fragrance oils and manufacture in smaller batches to guarantee quality and freshness.

Our wash comes in these four great scents:

The Woods - We bring you the woodsy smell of the north woods abundant in cedarwood and pine.

The Fresh - The minty fresh scent of this comes from eucalyptus and spearmint. It leaves your beard smelling fresh and skin feeling cool and refreshed.

The Classic - Keep your beard healthy with the masculine scent of cedarwood and clove with our classic wash.

The Far East - Allow the Far East transport you to distant lands with its base notes of frankincense and myrrh highlighted with a high note of citrus.