6 Shaving Tips That Will Cure Any Skin Irritation Issues

December 13, 2016

Ask any man how they shave and you will probably all tell you the same thing. Ask that same man if they experience any irritation after shaving and the majority will say they do. From razor bumps to burn, skin irritation from shaving is a common problem among all men.
The big razor companies seem to thing that adding another blade will solve the problem. How many blades do we men need to stop the irritation? What if I were to tell you that it's not about how many blades you have, but it's the way you are doing it! I'm sorry to say it men...most of you are shaving wrong.
Check out this list that was put together by a barber...FYI, it's the same guy that told me I was shaving wrong too. So I know that these tips work.


  1. Always pre-warm the skin before shaving. Pre-warming your skin with a warm towel or steam will make the skin more pliable for shaving and helps to soften the hair resulting in a smoother shave with less irritation.
  2. Pre-treat the area to be shaved with a pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oils will add a layer of protection between your skin and the sharpness of your blade. Pre-shave oils  should be relatively light in consistency and not feel overly greasy.
  3. Use a thin layer of lather. Many of us use too much lather when shaving. This will result in over clogging the blade, dulling it quicker and causing more skin irritation. A thin layer that you can still see your stubble through is plenty.
  4. Be sure to rinse your blade often! A clogged blade will result in more damage to the skin. 
  5. Aftershave! Anytime we shape our faces we are causing small abrasions on the skin. The first step in taking care of any damage to our skin is to clean it well and Close up the wound area. An aftershave tonic consisting of an antiseptic and an astringent will help reduce razor burn ingrown hair's and breakouts due to shaving
  6. If using shaving soap and a brush for lather be sure to store the brush with the bristles pointing downwards. This will allow for excess water and soap to drain off of the bristles. Bristles which remain wet and build up excess hope will begin to mold and begin to stink!

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